Where form meets function and design inspires drive | Parker

Where form meets function and design inspires drive


Where form meets function and design inspires drive

23 January 2024
Inside the Fitness & Wellness Studio at Beyond.

With hectic schedules and limited time to devote to personal wellbeing, the appeal of a gym right on your doorstep can be a game-changer. The desire for gyms and health-based amenity within apartment buildings is not something new, but providing an amenity that residents actually engage with and are drawn to, is a different proposition entirely.

Beyond has delivered a premium lifestyle offering that’s seldom seen in residential apartment buildings. From its initial inception, the vision was to create a haven for residents to enjoy, so each detail has been considered to reflect a holistic environment that nurtures social, emotional and physical wellness.

From the use of indoor to outdoor connection that links to the green spaces of the podium where residents can take a moment of respite at the meditation deck overlooking Kempt Field, to the contemporary design of the Sauna and Health & Wellness studio – each element aims to provide residents with the facilities they need to feel inspired.

Beautifully designed fitness equipment from Nohrd have been carefully sourced and crafted with the highest standards of quality, functionality, and environmental awareness. The Beyond Rialto Pilates Reformer machines use a contemporary mixed metal and wood design, combined with signature Balanced Body features, designed for performance.

Residents are encouraged to engage Beyond’s resident PT instructor for private classes and access an array of Balanced Body Pilates Reformer videos to assist with specific exercises and full body workouts.