In conversation: A first homeowner’s experience living at Beyond | Parker

In conversation: A first homeowner’s experience living at Beyond


In conversation: A first homeowner’s experience living at Beyond

21 June 2024
Since moving into Forest building at Beyond Hurstville in late 2022, Jacky He has enjoyed a connected lifestyle and an unparalleled standard of living within the precinct.

We recently sat down with Jacky to discuss his journey to homeownership, his favourite features of his apartment, and the benefits of living at Beyond.

Jacky’s journey at Beyond began in 2020 when he purchased his apartment during the COVID-induced market downturn.

“I started looking to buy an apartment in Sydney’s inner southwest in 2020 to ensure stability for myself and my future family. The government was providing grants and financial support to first homebuyers, and I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to secure a permanent home,” said Jacky.

“I was trying to decide between a couple of apartments in the area, but as soon as I stepped into the Beyond Display Suite, I knew there was nothing else like this around.”

With the convenience of a diverse selection of retail, transport and hospitality offerings on the doorstep of the precinct, the unparalleled location of Beyond was a key factor in Jacky’s purchasing decision.

“The Woolworths on the ground floor of the precinct make life easy, plus the local Westfield is right nearby. Another benefit is that the local train station is only a six-minute walk away which makes accessing the Sydney CBD incredibly easy.”

After purchasing the apartment Jacky followed the construction process closely, receiving regular updates from Fridcorp’s customer service team as Building A approached settlement in 2022.

“Every month I received an update that showed where construction was up to and gave purchasers estimated timelines for completion and settlement. The team was very helpful, they put a lot of work into ensuring the apartment was perfect and the move-in process went smoothly.”

Jacky’s favourite feature of his apartment is the sweeping views of the nearby Sydney CBD and Botany Bay from his north-facing balcony, where he enjoys a cup of coffee every morning.

“When you look out from the balcony you just think about the beauty of life. It’s an irreplaceable part of my home and one of the main reasons why I chose to buy an apartment at Beyond.”

He also appreciated the bespoke DKO-designed interiors, noting that they were unlike anything else he had seen in the area.

“I was drawn to the unique design of the Display Suite initially, everything from the furniture to the finishes was impeccable. It was clear that Fridcorp invested a lot of time, energy and thought into the design of the apartments, which has translated into the finished product.”

Jacky enjoys unrestricted access to Beyond’s state-of-the-art resident amenities, naming the Fitness & Wellness Studio and private bookable dining room as his personal favourites.

“How Beyond has approached the design of the amenities has far exceeded my expectations. From the aesthetic appeal to the innovative exercise equipment, the development has been uncompromising in its commitment to delivering quality amenities.”

“The resident’s lounge and dining room is incredible! One of my first memories of the building is walking through that space with the development manager and being astounded by how similar it was to the renders I was initially shown.”

The strong sense of community throughout the precinct is another reason for Jacky’s satisfaction at Beyond.

“It’s an incredibly interconnected and accepting collection of neighbours. Every morning, I walk downstairs and see my neighbours walking their dogs through the gardens or chatting in the communal areas. That’s what a community is about,” he concluded.

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