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Celebrating The Year of the Dragon


Celebrating The Year of the Dragon

This year, Hurstville’s Forest Road comes to life for a day of Lunar New Year celebrations.

23 January 2024
Celebrating The Year of the Dragon

Wishing you a year of prosperity

Dragons, the mythological creatures of Chinese folklore, are one of the 12 animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac. 2024 heralds in the Year of the Wood Dragon – from 10 February until 28 January 2025. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolises strength, good luck and success, and those born in year of the dragon are said to possess qualities such as intelligence, charisma and ambition.

2024 is believed to be a time of visionary leaders, innovators, and problem solvers, so a great time to start new projects, opportunities and change. So if you’re seeking a shift in your life, this year is seen as a positive one for all those endeavours.

On 3 February, St George River Council welcomed their annual Lunar New Year Festival on Forest Road with a series of performances, market stalls and food experiences – a great event that saw the local community gather and experience the joy of the celebrations.